GCS Capital's investment Strategy involves five key aspects: preferential access, control focus investment strategy, expertise in key sectors, value creation, and global prospect.

Preferential Access
The Management Team have developed strong relationships with senior management officers of companies, government officials, regulators and other professionals in its own local region. Such relationships will be leveraged to promote proprietary deal flow and successful deal execution

Control Focus Investment Strategy
GCS Capital placed strong emphasis on identifying high-quality investment opportunities both in emerging and developed markets that can benefit significantly from emerging market's key growth trends. While making these investments, GCS Capital seeks to realize control or joint control and brings aboard highly synergistic resources including management, distribution channels, etc.

Expertise in Key Sectors
While the management team is experienced a broad spectrum of industries, GCS Capital has a particularly strong track record in sectors including financial services, real estate, consumer/retail, and technology. Given our strength in these areas, we selectively explore investment opportunities in Greater China region and in developed markets.

Value Creation
GCS Capital seeks to acquire companies with distinct and durable business edge while delivering strong financial performance. We work closely with management to grow and create value in portfolio companies by strengthening corporate governance, upgrading management and enhancing business strategy, and focusing on value lifting.

Global Prospect
GCS Capital has an extensive network that connects Asia, Middle East, and Europe. By utilizing its close alliance with leading institutions in these areas, GCS Capital will have access to cross-border M&A opportunities in partnership with leading businesses all over the world.